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    "Hard-working dedication, work in the future generations" and the enterprise spirit of "honest, trust, 
    cooperation, winwin" business philosophy, is the power of people gather together, and constantly 
    open up the solid foundation. "The tree in power brand, 100 years enterprise" is the ultimate goal of 
    the power of good governance, continuously forge ahead.

    [QIN] diligence, diligence, diligence and dedication, diligent work [GONG], reactive power in the future success of merit
    [QINGONG]The work of the Chinese traditional culture and the modern humanism is the perfect harmony of the United States.

    Sincerity-Win the trust of the society  Trust-Cooperation in the team  Cooperation-Achieve win-win situation return to the society  A win-win situation-Return social care

    Enterprise vision is a grand blueprint for the future of the enterprise. "Tree power brand, set a century enterprise" enterprise vision, reflects the country's position and the power of the people's faith. Show the country launched the force people to create, a hundred years of development, achievement hundred years of broad mind, will effectively guide, unity, encourage countries to launch force human a to stable development, sustained growth, historical and fresh evergreen and strive.